Ready for Same-Sex Marriage

by Isabel Paterson ‘12 Last year, a same-sex marriage bill narrowly passed the Maryland State Senate but fell short in the House of Delegates. On January 31, Governor Martin O’Malley again raised the topic of legalizing same-sex marriage in Maryland. “The very reason for our state’s founding was for religious freedom. At the heart of religious freedom is respect for … Read More

Senators Propose New Holiday

by Cal Wilson ‘14 In an attempt to pull residents of the United States together, Senators Bob Corker (R- Ten) and Kay Hagan (D-NC) have proposed legislature to create the national holiday of Christ-ukah-nzaa. The suggested holiday incorporates a collection of the holidays Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. If Christ-Ukah-Nzaa becomes a national holiday, students will have off school on every … Read More

Parents Against Vegetables Used in Meal Program

by Katie Nolan ’12 Recently, Congress has agreed to allow federal school meal programs to continue serving potatoes and tomato sauce as vegetables. This resulted in many questions and complaints. Specifically, many question the government’s role in dictating what kids eat, as well as whether they are qualified to set a nutrition policy. Concerned parents and figures of authority have … Read More

County in Controversy Over Proposed Curfew

by Jacob Bogage ’12 As teen gangs gathered in downtown Silver Spring July 1, police could do nothing but stand around and watch. They questioned members to slow them down and divert them, but officers had to stand by helplessly until the brawl they anticipated ensued and a young girl was stabbed. The incident prompted County Executive Isaiah Leggett to … Read More

Even Congress Can’t Take Itself Seriously

by Hannah Stokes ‘11 It was an embarrassing day for both Congress and Stephen Colbert on September 30, when the television host showed up on Capitol Hill to give “expert testimony” on immigration. When the moment finally arrived for Colbert to address Congress, he couldn’t resist making jokes, which made light of an issue that deserves complete seriousness and detracted … Read More