Graduate Determinded to Bring Back Medical Practice to Homeland

Born and raised as a child in Ethiopia, Mengistu plans to head back to his native country after he has become a fully licensed doctor. “There are a lot of problems with the health structure and a lot of doctors are coming to the U.S., leaving a lot of people behind,” Mengistu explained. “The government system is corrupt, and I just wanted my own chance to help the people.”

Even Congress Can’t Take Itself Seriously

by Hannah Stokes ‘11 It was an embarrassing day for both Congress and Stephen Colbert on September 30, when the television host showed up on Capitol Hill to give “expert testimony” on immigration. When the moment finally arrived for Colbert to address Congress, he couldn’t resist making jokes, which made light of an issue that deserves complete seriousness and detracted … Read More

The West Moves to the Right

Recently the United States and countries in Europe moved toward the right end of the political spectrum. This shift has been primarily influenced by the global economic downturn, but this swing to the right varies on each end of the Atlantic.