Tate Should be Tossed Aside

by Alexis Booker ‘23

Former professional kickboxer turned social media personality, Andrew Tate, has recently landed in hot water with Romanian police officials after being arrested in his Romania estate on December 29 for human trafficking allegations. Prior to Tate’s arrest, he had left the country after similar allegations and went on to gain traction with male adolescents and men on the internet for his self-proclaimed misogynistic views. While many people online dismiss his shocking language, his arrest solidifies that his ideologies are associated with much scarier behaviors that end in trauma for many victims.

Audiences on the internet who either support or poke fun at his outrageous claims should look beyond the screen and realize they contribute to the problem of his growing platform. Their online reactions to what he says only fuel the algorithm, further pushing his content. He spreads the message that manipulating and using abusive tactics on women is a just thing to do, and whether people agree or not, the hateful message has spread to millions online. By people publicly reacting to his words, it allows his hate speech to persist. Out of respect for the victims of his alleged crimes, the internet needs to leave him behind so he can no longer appeal to easily influenced kids who could potentially mimic his damaging behavior.