Senior Issue: Krasinski Has ‘Some Good News’ for the Class of 2020

by Conall Sahler ’20 During this time of great stress and loss for the Class of 2020, John Krasinki has made it his goal to help make seniors feel included in what they are missing.  Krasinski, best known for his role on NBC’s “The Office”  as Jim Halpert, has become popular with a new set of fans due to his … Read More

Senior Issue: Adjustment to College Might Feel More Difficult, Post-Quarantine

by Jonah Sachs ’20 Seniors around the globe are annually challenged to overcome one of the most daunting tasks of their young-adult lives: adjusting to life on their own. Whether they feel ready for complete independence or dread the day they move away from home, the summer before their freshman year of college is more often than not filled with … Read More

Senior Issue: Ally Walsh Takes Corona by the Storm

by Sophia Wooden ’20 During this difficult time, a lot of high school students are struggling with a feeling of helplessness, as the future is currently uncertain. However, senior Ally Walsh has started helping her father sell masks for his athleticwear company, Lightning Wear Apparel. Clothing by the company is worn by school sport teams and sold in many stores … Read More

Senior Issue: Prom and Beach Week Plans Put on Indefinite Hold

by Vendela Krenkel ’20 With the guarantee that students will finish off this school year at home, questions of whether the end-of-the-year events for seniors will still take place, rescheduled for later, or cancelled altogether have arisen. Because of the decreasing number of cases of Coronavirus throughout this past week, Governor Larry Hogan has announced that Maryland may partially reopen … Read More

Senior Issue: Coronavirus Takes a Toll on Local Jobs for Teens

by Kara Thompson ’20 Many teenagers work jobs, both in the summer and during the school year, so they can have extra cash. Especially for seniors, this paycheck also can help them pay for college, whether it’s textbook or tuition money, or it is used during the school year for spiritwear or food. Due to the coronavirus shutting down many … Read More

Senior Issue: Seniors’ Tailgate Apparel Business Thrives

by Christianna Tran and Anjali Verma ‘20 Quarantine can make it easy for people to slack off and fall into a cycle of procrastination. This, however, is not the case for seniors Ben Chipurnoi and Nabeela Idris, who have been working diligently on their new clothing line, Univtees.  Their brand showcases a wide array of clothing ranging from tube tops … Read More

Senior Issue: Senior Despair: How Our Lives Were Turned Upside Down

by Eve Schlegel ‘20 There is a common feeling of despondency at the moment, not only among Americans, but people all around the world. Our lives and daily routines have hit a dead end as we have become hermits in our homes. Big events for high school and college seniors, like graduation and prom, come and go. As a high … Read More

Senior Issue: What To Do For Your Quarantine Birthday

by Sophia Wooden ’20 During a time when no one expected to be forced to stay in their homes, many people struggle with having a birthday during a lockdown. I can say from firsthand experience that although spending my eighteenth birthday in my house wasn’t ideal, it was a milestone that I’ll never forget and was quite special. These are … Read More

Senior Issue: Sherwood Seniors Weigh College Decisions During Coronavirus

by Nick Stonesifer ’20 With the ongoing pandemic and college move-in less than five months away, students are wondering how their fall semesters will start, if they even start at all.  Coronavirus has had impacts of different severity all across the country, hitting large cities the hardest so far, making one student need to weigh the value of attending college … Read More