Senior Column: ‘I Couldn’t Help It…It Had to Be You and I’

by Adina Brenner ’20 and Kat Mahoney ’20   ‘I Couldn’t Help It…’ by Adina Brenner ‘20 Every year, each senior is allowed and encouraged to write a little blurb talking about themself as a way to end with a bang and really make their mark on the newspaper. After lots and lots of thinking, I came to the realization … Read More

Senior Column: If I Wasn’t In Class, I Was Probably Sick

by Sydney Henry ’20 I don’t know that I personally believe in myths and superstitions, such as if you break a mirror, you’ll have seven years of bad luck, or if you don’t hold your breath when going by a cemetery, the spirits will haunt you. However, there is one speculation that I do believe, and that is the fact … Read More

Senior Column: Finding My Family

by Sophia Wooden ’20 Reflecting on my time here at Sherwood, I find that some of my fondest memories are in the few classes that I truly found a family. In these “family classes” I either instantly felt comfortable among the company of friends, or in time, with shared experiences and interests, I gained an inexplicable connection with some of … Read More

Senior Column: My Greatest High School Story

by Alex Cohen ’20 It seems only fitting that as a senior in my final days before graduation, I talk about my greatest high school memory and my best advice for incoming freshmen that goes along with it.  Going into high school, I had my heart set on making the basketball team. My whole childhood I loved playing for travel … Read More

Senior Column: Finding the Silver Lining

by Anna Squiers ’20 Right now, we are living through the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s easy to be negative in a time like this. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying, we’re all stuck inside, I can’t see my friends, and I can’t see my classmates. For now, I have no idea if we’ll ever have a prom or graduation. This … Read More

Senior Issue: Fallout Continues as College Students Ponder Next Move

by Zach Seymour ’20 In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the education system has seen massive change through the introduction of strictly online learning. This has left college students in a predicament which no one could have foreseen or planned for. While the health benefits are clear in stopping the increased spread of COVID-19 across university campuses, the detraction … Read More

Olney’s Sweetest New Business

by Carlee Malone ’20 With all this newfound spare time that quarantine has brought, many have been driven to new hobbies and creative outlets in order to take advantage of an otherwise unfortunate circumstance. For Reagan Yates (‘19) and brother Tommy Yates, a Sherwood junior, their version of a creative outlet combined an entrepreneurial spirit and a popular quarantine hobby: … Read More

Senior Issue: Next Generation Healthcare Heroes

by Phoebe Farris ’20 The Coronavirus pandemic is something that is already having a huge impact on the healthcare system, and we can only imagine what the future of this field looks like. Now, the need for health care professionals is more evident than ever. Hospitals in areas heavily impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic are filled to capacity, having to … Read More

Senior Issue: College Board Leaves AP Credit Decisions to the Institutions

by Sydney Henry ’20 As many U.S. schools have shut down for the remainder of the year due to coronavirus, the College Board was left to make an unprecedented decision about AP examination. At the beginning of April, the College Board decided to move its exams completely online and changed the formatting of the exams to better accommodate the current … Read More