So Glad I Didn’t Quit

by Lauren Frank ’23

When I started Newspaper class in the fall of my junior year, I never thought I’d stay in the class long enough to write a senior column.
I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. Better yet, I didn’t really know that the class I initially disliked would become a passion I intend to pursue in college. I was convinced I wasn’t going to stick with Newspaper., and so were my parents. Well, I somehow proved both them and myself wrong.
I wanted to join the class because some of my friends seemed to enjoy it, so why not join? I remember my very first article, an entertainment piece reviewing a pop-up exhibit in D.C. I was excited to finally see my name on the editorial calendar after struggling to come up with ideas (ironically like with this senior column.) However, the feeling quickly went away as soon as I started working on my article. I was new to this style of writing and became extremely frustrated. I genuinely had no idea how to format an article. I spent several hours just sitting with my computer open, zero cohesive sentences written down. I went to my parents practically in tears telling them that the class wasn’t right for me. After I calmed down, we sat together and worked on the article. While it took some help (thanks Mom) and a lot of time spent going back and forth on ideas, it was finally complete. Since then, I’ve written several articles published in The Warrior and even discovered that I liked photographing school athletics and other events. The writing and researching process became much easier as I continue practicing.
Reflecting back on my time in Newspaper has helped me understand the value of keeping an open mind and giving things a chance when I least expect it. By giving myself a chance in the class, I ended up discovering something new I loved and truly wanted to improve in.
There is something so valuable about taking away lessons from all experiences, whether positive or negative. Each and every experience in high school helps you grow and better understand your purpose, interests, and passions. More importantly though, challenges bring out the best in us, especially the hidden qualities and abilities we never knew we actually had.