Battle of the Brands

The Smartest of the Phones by Shaan Verma ’13 The iPhone has been a dominator of the mobile device market since its debut in 2007, and it has since grown to accommodate more networks including Verizon and Sprint, which contributes to its continued success. The Blackberry has existed for 12 years and it has been a very strong contender in … Read More

Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival to Enter the 21st Century

by Sam Farrell ’12 Rock ‘n’ Roll, a well-known traditional production, shakes up its set list with hit songs from more recent decades. With the retirement of physical education teacher and Rock ‘n’ Roll director, Eugene Orndorff, music director Bill Evans will take over this year as the show’s only director. Daughter of Orndorff and former dance choreographer, Laura Orndorff, … Read More

CAST Bonds in Fall Musical

On November 17-19, CAST presented the musical “Children of Eden” in the Ertzman Theater. The large group of players worked hard to put on the show, and had a great time doing so through bonding and friendships new and old. During rehearsal, juniors Gai Kaufman and Julie Moustafa, sophomore Jordan Newmark and senior Joey Quinn review the script with stage … Read More

The Led Zeppelin Experience

by Michaela O’Donnell ’13 If you are someone who appreciates an array of music genres, lively venues and a memorable concert experience, then the Fillmore in downtown Silver Spring is the place to be. I didn’t know what to expect when walking into the building that held up to 2,000 die-hard Led Zeppelin fans. What I found at “The Led … Read More

CAST Bonds Over Traditions and Rehearsals

by Holly Cuozzo ’12  From the first day of auditions to the final curtain close, the cast members of school productions grow exponentially closer, and this holds true for their latest production: Children of Eden.  They rehearse for hours every day, bonding over things such as top-secret CAST (Creating Awesome Sherwood Theatre) traditions and mockery of the play’s lines. Annie … Read More

Jay-Z and Kanye West Amaze at the Verizon Center

by Briana Applewhite ’13 When Jay-Z and Kanye West announced they were naming their joint album, “Watch the Throne,” the superstars were aiming to raise the bar for not only themselves, but also hip-hop in general. The posturing seemed justified when the album shot to No. 1 on the Billboard Charts, selling 500,000 copies in its first week. So when … Read More

Same Office Different Boss

  by Mary Macrae ’14 The award-winning mockumentary television show, “The Office” has been attracting millions of viewers since 2005 thanks to the incredibly hilarious Steve Carell, his strong supporting cast and perfectly crafted scripts. For seven seasons Carell played main character Michael Scott who became a cultural touchstone as the inappropriate but loving boss that always ends the day … Read More

Walking With Dinosaurs All Over Again

by Andi Hopkins ’12 Everyone loves a good dinosaur movie. Does “Jurassic Park” ring a bell to anyone? The Jurassic Park trilogy of films, which captured audiences from 1993 to 2001, brought dinosaurs back from the dead and made them a thrilling, and often scary, source of entertainment. FOX’s “Terra Nova” has made sure dinosaurs continue to wander the earth. … Read More


by Mandy Stussman ’14 The television series “Psych” first appeared over five years ago, introducing the world to a light-hearted show centered around comedy just as much as mystery.  Differentiating itself from other classic police-based television through its humorous improv, the show provided a perfect balance of intriguing mystery and frolicsome fun. However, in the start of the newest season, … Read More

Pretty Little Secrets All Need a Beginning

by Taylor Fernandez ’14 The much anticipated season 3 of “Pretty Little Liars” airs this January on ABC Family, but this past Halloween, a special one-hour event gave the audience a story before the story; a look at the pretty little liars before they got their title, before the drama, before ‘A.’ Let me explain. The four ‘pretty little liars,’ … Read More