Momsen’s Sexual Antics Overshadow Talent

by Andi Hubbell ‘11 Dim, dingy and rundown, the Ottobar in Baltimore hardly seems like an ideal venue for a performance by a 17-year-old actress turned songstress. However, Taylor Momsen, frontwoman of alternative rock band The Pretty Reckless (TPR), is no Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato. The headstrong, outspoken “Gossip Girl” star refuses to conform to the cookie-cutter mold followed … Read More

I Think You’ll Love, ‘I Think I Love You’

by Darby Whitehair ‘12 David Cassidy, the man who dominated the stage in the 70’s as a singer and actor, was the object of affection for thousands of teenage girls. Even now in his sixties, he still makes his fans’ hearts skip a beat. Allison Pearson, a devoted fan of Cassidy, channels her old obsession into her novel “I Think … Read More

Right Message, Wrong Sound

by Ryan Coulter ’12 Known for their unsubtle lyrical commentary on social and political events, Rise Against continues their switch to a type of punk rock that doesn’t quite meet the sound fans used to adore. With the release of their sixth studio record “Endgame” this past month, Rise Against shows not only their transformation away from their previous, more … Read More

Take a Bite Out of Taste

By Michaela O’Donnell ’13 When deciding where to go for a classy dinner, a rundown shopping center in Olney isn’t what comes to mind. Near an old beer and wine store, a Popeye’s fried chicken restaurant and a Rite Aid, however, is Taste: Mezze Tapas Lounge. Walking into Taste is like taking a breath of fresh air. Candles flicker on … Read More

Rock n’ Roll Celebrates 40 Years

Rock n’ Roll Revival #40 officially opens on Friday, March 5. Rock n’ Roll is MCPS’s longest running muscial preformace and will celebrate its anniversery with a checkerboard stage, song medlies and surprise ending. Some senior leads include Tori Rhodes, Brian Duffy, Sloan Friedman, Cristy Intoccia, and Amy Dinnerman. Above, sophomore Matthew Kovalsky preforms “Nobody but You,” made famous by the Human … Read More

Sherwood’s Bands Play It Loud and Proud

by Katie Nolan ‘12 Hydra Kyll The summer of their sophomore year, seniors Zachary Moustafa, Rohan Mathur and Tim O’Connell decided to form a heavy metal band. After they recruited Sherwood graduate Michael Collins and senior Stephen Prentiss, Hydra Kyll was formed. “We play many different styles of heavy metal, whether it’s slow, Black Sabbath-type Doom Metal, to the speedy, … Read More

Honey Stone Goes To Recording Studio and Beyond

Neo-Folk band Honey Stone, which comprises of seniors Noah Booz (vocals/guitar), Stephen Daniels (bass) and Eric Armstrong (vocal/drums), won 15 hours of recording time at Cue Recording studios after the band came in first place in The Next Big Things Tour on December 12 at the 9:30 Club, the renowned music venue in Washington D.C.

‘The Cape’ Fails to Take Flight

On paper, the characters are intriguing, the plot fascinating and the dark, puzzle-like vibe captivating. Yet, in actuality, the show, “The Cape” disappoints, falls flat and leaves the viewer with endless questions.

‘The Roommate’ Drastically Fails Its Final Examination

As a senior in my final semester, I can honestly say that I’m more than thrilled to start my new life in college. Beside that fact that I can get out of Olney, I can meet interesting types of people and learn how to live on my own. However, with the excitement also comes anxiety of wondering what the people I meet will be like. Will they be friendly or stuck-up? Cool or nerdy? Crazy in a good way or psychotic?

The Kids Spiral to Disappointment

by Sam Farrell ‘12 California-based Cold War Kids have built their legacy by regularly producing desolate and descriptive lyrics that describe tragedies such as suicide by bridge jumping and alcoholic fathers. The band’s dismal topics of choice coupled with lead singer and rhythm guitarist Nathan Willet’s distinctive vocals have paved the way for the Kids’ fame in the universe of … Read More