The Pitch is Perfect

by Taylor Fernandes   ‘14 “Pitch Perfect,” released October 5, immediately earned a wealth of positive reviews. With hilarious characters and catchy songs, the movie deserves the accolades and isn’t one to be missed. Starring Oscar-nominated Anna Kendrick as Beca, the movie’s basic plot line follows her in her personal musical journey. Her father won’t let her drop out of college … Read More

‘Billy Elliot’ Offers a True Theatrical Experience

by Rebecca Stussman ’12 On Friday, December 16, I had the Kennedy Center Experience. I dressed in an urbane sweater-dress with chic boots and rolled up to DC alongside affluent, cultured families with their tiny but precocious children. I strolled along the decorative halls and browsed an overpriced gift shop. I even dined before my show at the lavish Roof … Read More

Studio Art Students’ Art Selected for Prestigious Show

From January 30 to March 23, six Sherwood students will have their artwork exhibited at an art show sponsored by Johns Hopkins University. “This year, all the pieces reflect the theme ‘the next horizon,” said art teacher Michele Spangle. All six students who had their work submitted were Spangle’s students. “They received their canvases in November and completed the paintings … Read More

Madonna is Not Super Bowl Worthy

by Mandy Stussman ’14 The 46th Super Bowl will take place this Sunday, February 5, and it has always been a tradition to have a musical performance during the half time show. This year, the performance will be done by Madonna, a popular diva from the 80s, with Nicki Minaj opening for her. In my opinion, Madonna is not worthy … Read More

Q&A with Rising Musical Talent, Doe Paoro

by Evan Schwartz ’13 This past week, I was fortunate enough to get in touch with the incredible talent, Doe Paoro. Doe Paoro, whose real name is Sonia Kreitzer, has recently hit the web with her haunting melodies and ethereal vocal range. “Can’t Leave You,” the first single off of her new album, is quickly gaining views on YouTube, and … Read More

Casey Anthony Video Diaries

by Katie Nolan ’12 This past summer Casey Anthony was cleared of the charges against her proclaiming she had murdered her two-year old daughter, Caylee Anthony. The overwhelming amount of evidence against Anthony angered most Americans who believed she should have been prosecuted. On January 4th Anthony posted the first of her video diaries to YouTube. In the video she … Read More

‘The Adventures of Tintin’ Enjoyable to All

by Paul Szewczyk ’12 After a disappointment with 2011’s selection of animated films (I’m talking to “Cars 2”) it was nice to end the year with the enjoyable animated film, “The Adventure of Tintin”. “Tintin” tells the story of a journalist named Tintin (voiced by Jamie Bell) and his dog Snowy as they search for clues that will lead them … Read More

‘Dragon Tattoo’ Leaves Audiences in Awe

by Evan Schwartz ’13 In a movie almost three hours long, laced with strong nudity, violent molestation, and disgusting sadism, it would be surprising, yet truthful, to say that the audience left the show feeling enlightened and inspired. Director David Fincher does just so in the powerful film adaptation of the late Stieg Larsson’s novel “The Girl with the Dragon … Read More

Sudoku: Week 1

Please print out and enjoy the Soduku puzzle below! If you press on the image below, you will be directed to a printable version. Solution:

Everybody Loves the ‘Zoo’

by Leah Schroeder ’13 If in twenty seconds of insane bravery, you can develop a relationship with a perfect stranger, tell a girl you love her or even decide to buy a zoo, it is hard to imagine what could happen in two hours.  In Cameron Crowe’s “We Bought a Zoo,” two hours is just enough time to fill the theater … Read More