CON: Prop. 19, Uncertain Benefits, Destructive Consequences

by Holland McCabe ‘11 Everyone agrees that marijuana is a hallucinogenic substance that impairs one’s judgment, and poses similar dangers to alcohol. But in these desperate times, some states are looking to equally desperate measures. California’s Proposition 19, which legalizes the growth, sale and use of marijuana, is just such an example of these measures. Supporters of Proposition 19 claim … Read More

PRO: It’s High Time To Legalize Marijuana

by Brad Matthews ‘11 In California, a new debate on marijuana is going on, raging like a forest fire. Proposition 19 is a referendum that proposes allowing anyone 21 and older to cultivate a small amount of marijuana and permit adult consumption in private so long as minors are not present. It also permits cities to regulate and tax sales. … Read More