Former Private School Students Adjust to MCPS

by Rebecca Stussman ‘12 This year Sherwood took in 67 non-freshmen transfer students from private schools, an increase from previous years and an anomaly, according to the counseling department. With nine new students, Good Counsel provided the most transfers, primarily due to students’ dislike of its stricter policies. “I transferred because … I wasn’t really happy with much at Good … Read More

Falcons or Warriors: Decisions, Decisions

But Good Counsel found some competition when it relocated to Olney. Sherwood, though a public school, has proven itself as of its own lofty athletic reputation with recent state championships in football, soccer, cross country, baseball, and basketball. Although Sherwood’s football games might not be telecasted on ESPN as was the case for a Good Counsel game earlier this season, student athletes trust Sherwood to have excellent athletic programs. However, Good Counsel’s ability to pick off athletes from the area’s middle schools may begin to be a factor in the near future. Since Good Counsel’s relocation from Wheaton to Olney in 2007, a number of athletes in Sherwood’s feeder schools have decided to attend Good Counsel rather than Sherwood.