Taking Advantage of School Trips Abroad

by Nick Mourtoupalas ’13 Entertaining in England and Ireland This April, Sherwood’s Chambers singers will be headed to Ireland and parts of England to visit and perform. “To sum [the trip] in twenty words or less is next to impossible. It’s a two-year long process [to plan]” said choral music teacher Bill Evans. “For somebody who’s not a musician or … Read More

Grammy Nomination System Flawed

by Robel Wondimu ‘13 The Grammys have come to exemplify all that’s wrong with the music industry: commercial-sellout artists thrive, while more legitimate artists are passed by. The nomination process is to blame. Record companies and artists submit their work to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) in order to be reviewed by a panel of 150 … Read More

Getting A Little Too Dramatic at The Oscars

by Sydney Morrison ‘13 After taking on the role of the valiant Jean Valjean in the film version of the 1987 Tony winner “Les Miserables,” Hugh Jackman was nominated for his first Academy Award on January 10.  Nominated for Best Actor, Jackman deserves to win this Oscar way more than the critics’ darling, Daniel Day-Lewis, for his performance in “Lincoln.” … Read More

Best Friends Seem to Share Just About Everything

by Jamie Langbein ’13 Relationships are a tricky thing. That’s what makes them so exciting – they’re unpredictable. Over the past couple years, my long-distance best friend has been in three different relationships. When things turned south for her at the end of each of the relationships, she turned to me for support like I promised her she always could. … Read More

The Rise of Reddit

by Bridget Cook ’14 Ever heard of “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy,” “Forever Alone” or “Grumpy Cat?” Then you might be a Redditor. Founded in 2005, the social news and entertainment website has soared in popularity, gaining recognition and use from a vast demographic, including teenagers. The site not only covers national news, politics and popular culture, but serves as the birthplace … Read More

Holistic Education Emerges as a New Way of Learning

by Mandy Stussman ’14 The average American student spends more than 4,000 hours in high school. Over 700 days of their adolescence are spent in classrooms. All that time is devoted to thought, enrichment and learning. Knowledge helps people process the world around us.  It is a weapon, sharpened through years of schooling. Some educators, however, worry that traditional American … Read More

A Higher Dose of Non-Fiction

by Melissa Fajardo ’13 Many school boards believe non-fiction is the key to a successful career because it serves as a good model for the reading and writing that are imperative in the work force. Maryland is in the process of revamping the curriculum to expose its students to more non-fiction texts, and MCPS is already taking steps to reflect … Read More

Less Paper, More Pixels

by Emma Hierholzer ’15 With new advances in the education world, the longtime dream of a “worldwide classroom” with students collaborating from around the globe may have a newfound validity as reported in The Washington Post. Free online courses in a variety of academic subjects, ranging from statistics to literature, have been offered by universities across America. Even Ivy League … Read More

Curriculum 2.0 Brings Big Changes to MCPS

by Alyssa Miller ’13 When Superintendent Joshua Starr replaced Jerry Weast, he wasted no time in implementing “Curriculum 2.0.” The new curriculum is designed to better tailor education to students’ needs by providing them with a basic framework of information at a younger age. Now that Starr is well into his term, Curriculum 2.0 is influencing all sides of MCPS … Read More

Sherwood Students Prepare To Vote

by Evan Schwartz ’13 In 1971, the United States adopted the twenty-sixth Amendment, barring states from setting a voting age higher than 18 due to the incredible impact student activism had against the Vietnam war. Forty-one years later, the student age group has the lowest voter turnout rate. With the presidential election a mere three weeks away and the country … Read More