New Wellness Committee Supports Students’ Well Being

Students and staff compete in a basketball game as part of the pep rally which capped off Wellness & Spirit Week in mid-December, with an overall purpose to improve well being.

by Cliff Vacin ‘25

The Warrior Wellness Committee is a new organization at Sherwood started by Health teachers Heather Giovenco and Claudia Wilks to improve the atmosphere of the school and the mental health of teachers and students. Application-based, the club functions as a team of students and teachers who work together on activities for students and staff equally.

Both Wilks and Giovenco stated their desire to support the school community. “We know that wearing Blue on Wednesdays will not solve the wellness of students and staff,” explained Giovenco. “But we hoped to start there to build our name and grow into larger activities and movements specialized to improve the well-being of the school community.”

Among these larger activities is a Wellness & Spirit Week, which took place from December 11 to 15 and included activities such as themed dress-up days, daily student and staff relaxation opportunities, and an SGA-organized pep rally with a staff vs. students basketball game. Also, all official school clubs were invited to create decorated doors that represented the club. All these activities were determined by the results of a survey, with student-led suggestions. Staff and committee members were also given a chance to provide input. This collaboration between the Warrior Wellness Committee and the SGA was an attempt to allow everyone to feel seen and heard.

“We have had great staff support,” said Wilks. “We have staff members who are on the committee who help us brainstorm ideas and put events together. So far, the most popular activities have been department competitions like the Halloween costume contest and chili-cook off.” Multiple teachers have been seen participating in the various spirit weekdays, especially with teachers dressing up in suits, PJs, and clothes from past decades.

The Warrior Wellness Committee is not Giovenco and Wilks’ first effort at bettering the atmosphere of a school. They had together won an award at their previous school after starting a similar Wellness club. “Being new [this year] to Sherwood, I wanted to get involved with the staff, students, and community,” said Wilks. “I thought this was a great way to get involved and hopefully help Sherwood as a whole improve the overall wellness.”