Herman Reflects on Her Experience as Principal Intern

Principal Intern Jennifer Herman frequently meets with students to see how their days are going and to get their input on schoolwide issues.

by Ziv Golan ‘26

Through the MCPS Principal Intern Program, Assistant Principal Jennifer Herman took over in December and January to learn the daily responsibilities of a principal. The Warrior asked Herman about her experiences as the school’s principal intern.

What did you learn about the position of principal? What challenges have you faced and what accomplishments are you most proud of?

“It’s a difficult job that requires you to make big picture decisions for the good of the whole school, which can cause people to agree or disagree with them. It’s my job to consider the safety and security of all students and staff and make decisions that meet the needs and are a fit for the whole school. As a principal you work with your team to decide the best path forward but at the end of the day the decision is yours and you own that decision. You have to be okay with not everyone agreeing. I am super excited to have been a part of the work that led to an increase in our graduation rate by over 3 percent. I look forward to increasing that percentage again this year!”

Many students aren’t sure what a principal does during the school day. How would you describe the typical work day in the life of a principal?

“Sometimes I have calendar items and can anticipate my schedule. However, most days I never know what my day will bring and have to take the pitch as it comes. What I love to do each day is walk the halls and talk with people. I also like to collaborate with my admin and ILT team to make Sherwood the best it can be.”

It seems like a lot of work and a lot of pressure to be a principal. Why do it–what are the most appealing or satisfying aspects about the position?

“What matters most to me is being the warrior for our kids and our community. I will always advocate for our kids and our community and want the best for all. I want all of our kids and staff to be successful and to see the good in what we do here. When our kids walk across that stage and graduate that is a huge proud moment for our community. I do what I do for our kids and our community because the work is important.”