Financial Aid Aids Students

 by Ziv Golan ‘26

As a person grows up and becomes an adult they take on a lot of new responsibilities, including getting a job and paying bills and taxes. According to Fox Business, 87% of teens have little knowledge of personal finance. This is a very serious issue and deserves attention, with schools being an easy way to let teens learn about personal finance.

Currently, Sherwood and other MCPS schools offer a personal finance course, but without a requirement not many students take it. Making this a required course in MCPS and other school districts around the country would aid in lowering the number of teens who have little knowledge of personal finance. Although adding another requirement may anger many students, this course would help them in the long haul and create a more financially engaged group of people coming into the workforce. It is hard to have to learn how to pay taxes and bills when someone is already in college or working and much easier to be able to knock it out when still living with parents. The idea of having to one day pay taxes and bills may seem far off to many teens but it truly isn’t and MCPS requiring a financial aid course would truly help.