Give Seniors a Break

by Cailin Russell ‘23

For many students, the first quarter of senior year is the most stressful time of their high school career. In addition to their usual workload, seniors are completing and submitting their college applications, many of which are due November 1 for Early Action deadlines. Seniors should be excused from homework assignments and tests for the last two weeks of October so that they can focus more time on college applications.

Along with college applications, seniors are trying to stay on top of homework and studying for AP/Honors classes. Many seniors are also working after school to earn more money for college, while others are continuing with sports and extracurriculars. Since students are unsure if the colleges to which they are applying will even consider their senior year grades, it becomes frustrating and less motivating for seniors to complete homework and study for tests when they know college applications are the main priority in the beginning of the school year. Both MCPS and Sherwood constantly communicate to students how important it is to take care of their mental health and well-being, and having no homework and tests the last two weeks of October would ease the stress on seniors for college applications and allow them more time to put their best foot forward.