Republicans Disregarding Candidate’s Past

By Dylan Sondike ‘24

With the November 8 Midterm Elections fastly approaching, the Georgia Senate race between Republican Herschel Walker and incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock is primed to be one of the closest races. Despite the close polling between the two candidates, recent accusations against Walker regarding an abortion scandal demonstrate the hypocrisy of Republican candidates and the ignorance of their voters who continue to take no notice of allegations against their nominees.

Walker is being accused of having paid for a former girlfriend to get an abortion. Many Republicans have been consistent with their beliefs on abortion; however, the accusations against Walker throw this into jeopardy and show how deceitful he is since he has extreme pro-life beliefs. Many Republican voters have ignored Walker’s actions and believed that since he denied the allegations, there is no truth to them. These people believe that the accusations against him are nothing and will still ignorantly vote for him despite large amounts of evidence proving that he indeed paid for an ex-girlfriend to get an abortion. There have been a few similar instances in which certain Republican demographics continued to vote for a candidate despite strong allegations against them, demonstrating their disregard for the truth about the candidate.