Dear Twitter, Step it Up

by Lauren Frank ‘23

Twitter is a social media platform that is notoriously known for promoting and blasting out hate messages from verified and famous users. Kanye West is a prime example of a celebrity who has continuously tweeted hateful messages, more recently targeted toward Jewish people. While some action has been taken to temporarily suspend his account, West can return to the platform once his suspension is lifted and potentially continue his rampage of anti-semitic and hateful tweets. Twitter cannot continue to allow users, who have a repeated history of harmful and malicious online activity, to stay on the platform. It must implement stricter and more immediate measures that prevent those who pose a threat to the general public from continuing their words. 

Twitter has only done the bare minimum. Temporarily suspending a Twitter account only lasts so long. Instead of simply suspending users that have violated community guidelines, the platform must resort to permanently banning the user and any accounts associated with it initially. Twitter need not foster more hate speech than it already does, so taking these concerning tweets and words more seriously must be a priority for those who own and control the platform. Users should not have to worry about their safety as a result of ignorant and insensitive messages online.