Deserved Appreciation for All That Teachers Do

by The Warrior Staff

The strain of the pandemic has extended into many if not most aspects of this school year, but just like students, it has heavily affected Sherwood teachers. In light of the pandemic, teachers had to learn how to teach online, a task made even more difficult by many students having little self-discipline and ignoring lessons behind vacant Zoom screens. Some subjects like art were particularly difficult to manage in an online setting, but for the lack of resources and equipment, Sherwood teachers persevered and made the best out of the virtual time.

The transition into in-person learning brought even more challenges, but just as they did in a virtual setting, teachers have continued to succeed and uplift in these trying times. Students face much of the same issues as teachers this year: the anxiety of Covid-19 infection, uncertainty over school being in-person or switching to virtual, and more, but with teaching comes additional stresses like the many staff cuts occurring this year. Even still, the Sherwood staff soldier on strongly and have helped students in so many ways.

Sherwood teachers have done a fabulous job with keeping a fun, positive learning setting despite the many issues and anxieties swirling around the school everyday. So many Sherwood teachers have a talent for making students laugh, and it can be great as an outlet from their typically stressful day. The attitude Sherwood teachers set and the amount of dedication and passion conveyed in their classrooms is infectious; it’s difficult not to want to be involved and engaged when a teacher is working so hard for their students.

Teachers have also been very considerate this year in regards to work load and the rigor of their content. With them slowing the pace of the class, reviewing content done virtually, providing opportunities for retakes, and more in the first semester, students have been able to slide back into the normal speed of the second semester with ease. Giving constructive feedback on student work can be a challenge, especially when one is grading students of many grade levels and backgrounds, each with different ability levels to consider (especially with quarantine affecting students with its atypical learning styles).

However, with their specific, considerate critiques, often given virtually and verbally, Sherwood teachers know how to efficiently guide students towards improvement.

Teachers’ contributions to extracurricular activities has been a blessing this year as well. Clubs and sports are such an intrinsic part of normal high school life, and teachers’ availability as sponsors and the extent to which they have contributed to their activities really got students back into the swing of things. Typical Sherwood events coming back like Rock n’ Roll Revival and the Senior Art Show are thanks in very large part to amazing teachers willing to dedicate precious time and energy to helping.

Though Sherwood teachers have had a real task in guiding students back into in-person learning, they have done so beautifully and thoughtfully, and deserve all the props in the world. Thank you teachers!