MCPS Puts Athletics First

by Timaya Pulliam ‘23

As the Omicron variant of Covid-19 continues to spread, the appropriate education of students, as well as the parity of extracurricular activities are in question. This past December, it was announced that though athletic activities would continue as normal, after-school non-athletic activities, which include all forms of the arts, would be paused until January 7. On January 9, sponsors were notified that non-athletic extracurricular activities would continue to be on hold through January 17, with a reinstatement date of January 18.

Non-athletic activities being suspended over sports does not make any sense. Most athletic activities are more likely to spread Covid-19 than activities that are non-athletic. Many contact sports, such as basketball are also not required to wear masks, further allowing Covid-19 to spread. Even with the extensive ways of sports being able to continue the cause of Covid-19, non-athletic activities, such as the arts are the ones punished. Most of these activities do not require contact but do require masks. The suspension of non-athletic activities over sports is not a well-rounded decision, especially if safety is the main concern. Neither type of activity is incredibly safe. However, MCPS’ decision to continue athletic activities should have included non-athletic extracurriculars as well, and if they do not want Covid-19 to spread, then neither type of activity should continue.