Sherwood Closes Doors on Bathrooms

by Ben Schoenberg ’24

Since the beginning of the school year, a number of bathrooms at Sherwood are no longer accessible to students. Many of the closures are due to students removing and vandalizing school property, while others have been closed due to maintenance issues. Aside from these spontaneous closures, two bathrooms have been locked since the start of the school year because they’re reserved for those who contract Covid-19, and the C-Hall men’s room being closed for two months without any update from the school on when it will open back up. This lack of bathrooms has inconvenienced many students. 

Students are forced to use different bathrooms that are in most cases further away. This, at times, may lead the student to be late to class or waste class time especially in the case of the C-Hall restroom which is close by to many classrooms on the upper floor. Furthermore, by eliminating bathrooms, it causes many people to migrate into one bathroom, sparking problems of its own due to the congestion.  A short-term solution to this issue would be to open up the “Covid bathrooms” to students because these bathrooms are not commonly used by those who have contracted Covid-19 due to them not attending school. By opening up these bathrooms, students will have a new option for bathrooms that will open up the cluttered halls and cluttered restrooms.