Sherwood Plans for First Homecoming Dance in Two Years

by Evan Joseph ‘23

While still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, many students are wondering what  Sherwood’s homecoming will be like when it occurs on October 23. Will students have to wear masks? Will the dance be indoors? Will there be social distancing or capacity requirements? 

In the September 15 issue of MCPS Quicknotes, the county released guidance for all high schools to follow when planning this year’s homecoming dances. A mask mandate and a ruling that all dances be held outdoors were among their requirements.

The Homecoming dance is typically organized by the cheerleaders, and they have worked hard for the last several weeks to plan a covid-safe event under MCPS guidelines.

“It’s going to be held in the stadium,” explained Child Development teacher Nicole Schneider, who is the Cheerleading coach. “There will be a DJ set up on the field on a stage but the dancing will be on the track. There will be tables and a photo booth underneath the stadium on the concrete area. There isn’t a backup plan for the weather; if we have to cancel due to weather, everyone will receive a full refund.”

Regarding Covid protocols, a few changes will be made to the normal homecoming setup.“We are following the MCPS guidelines for homecoming, so it is required to be held outdoors and masks will be required for when people are indoors which will only be while using bathrooms,” said Schneider. “Outside guests can only be MCPS students.”

As for some of the other details surrounding the event itself, the homecoming dance will take place the night after Sherwood varsity football plays against Paint Branch High School, which will make the dance be on Saturday, October 23 from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

“The theme will be in line with the homecoming halls ‘A Night at the Zoo’ so we will have decorations from that. There will be lighting and the DJ will also provide disco-type lighting,” said Schneider. “There will be a photo booth, giveaways from the DJ there will be concessions where students can buy snacks and drinks with cash.”