The Peloton Bikes and Treadmills are Safe Options for Getting an Amazing Workout

by Marissa Harris ‘22 

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world back in March of 2020, gyms closed and my family purchased a Peloton bike to stay safe and get good workouts in. 

My family has the Peloton Bike +, and it is used by at least one of us every day. In general, one of the things I love about the Peloton is the music that plays as it keeps me happy and pushes me to stay with the beat. I also love pushing myself to get a good spot on the leaderboard. It is great that I am able to connect my Apple Watch, so my workout is recorded in my Fitness App for the watch. Everyone in my house has their favorite instructors and combines different types of classes to make our workouts. 

Peloton bikes and treadmills feature a HD touchscreen where users can access the schedule for live classes, and find all sorts of past-recorded classes that still feel like they are live. I have never done a live class but have taken classes that were recorded months prior, and I still feel like the instructor is speaking right to me. There are also many challenges available that one can join. My mom will sign up for challenges because at the end of the month, she likes seeing her progress and how much she did. With both the bikes and treadmills, individuals can video chat while taking classes if they want. I have never done the video chat; however, I have done a class with my friend and competed to push ourselves to be at our best. Peloton also has a variety of different themes, such as the 80s and 2000s, and music for each class so if a user is looking for a specific artist or theme, they can find what they are looking for using the search bar. Some classes fall under the beginners category, while others are more advanced. 

Peloton has two bikes: The Peloton Bike and the Peloton Bike +. The Peloton Bike has all of the classes with a slightly smaller touchscreen. The Bike + has a larger touchscreen and has the ability to rotate to make it easier to see the screen when doing work on the mat. I love the rotating screen when doing a HIIT workout to see what the instructor is demonstrating. 

The bikes have a wide variety of classes available such as cycling, HIIT cardio, strength boot camp, core, yoga, pilates, and more. There is a Peloton app, available with both Apple and Android, where individuals can friend others who have the Peloton, and join different Peloton groups. There are two types of Peloton treadmills, one of which will be released in May. Peloton’s most up-to-date treadmill, the Peloton Tread +, has more running space than the regular Peloton Tread, and has a slightly larger screen. 

While getting a Peloton appliance is amazing, it certainly is not cheap. The original Peloton Bike starts at $2,245, but is currently starting at $1,895. This can be compared to the Peloton Bike + at $2,495. With the bikes, there are designed shoes that are necessary to clipping into the bike. At first it was a little hard for me to figure out how to do it, but there are many tutorials and videos available. There are different packages that come with the shoes, weights, mats, and resistance bands. With the treadmills, the Tread + is $4,295, and the Peloton Tread that is coming out in May in the U.S, will be $2,495. Overall, all packages include delivery and assembly. However, in addition to the cost of the equipment, there is a $39 subscription fee every month for any bike or treadmill bought. 

While it is not cheap to get a Peloton appliance and gear, a gym membership can add up over time and with the Peloton, an entire family can work out as much as they want without leaving the comfort of their home. At a gym in Olney, the cheapest option to become a member is paying $39.99 a month for an individual, with a one time fee of $249, that is currently reduced to $34. 

No matter if one gets the regular or plus bikes/treadmills, the classes are both fun and challenging. One’s fitness will definitely improve over time. The Peloton is one of the best purchases my family has made. The instructors are helpful and push you to get higher up on the leaderboard, and to get personal records. Not only is it a great workout, but it is a lot of fun.