Think Big, Buy Small

by Lexi Kimmel ‘21

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it is that time of year when everyone tries to find the perfect gift for their friends, family, and loved ones. My shopping every year has consisted of going onto Amazon, taking a trip to Target, or browsing Walmart’s website. Until now I have never cared about where or who my money goes to, as long as I have something to wrap and put under the tree to be opened on Christmas morning. But this year is different. The Coronavirus has forced thousands of small businesses to shut their doors permanently while large chain corporations have only benefited and profited from the worldwide pandemic. 

Going out and shopping this year is not an option for many Americans. Our country is being hit the hardest by Covid-19, and we are all being advised to stay inside and do our shopping online. For most people that means visiting Amazon or another chain’s website to do holiday shopping. This puts money directly into the pockets of people like Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world with a net worth of 185 billion dollars, while small business owners resort to shutting down from lack of sales. It is time this holiday season to shop small.

There are many ways to shop at small businesses. Many create websites for their brand, which can be found through social media or by browsing the web. Etsy is also a great place to buy from, with around 2.5 million sellers who each have unique creations that would be perfect for a present. Not only does buying from a small business help the seller, you also will have a special, handmade gift to give to your loved ones. 

Helping out those in need is what the holiday season is all about. People need your support! My family and I have set out to buy all of our gifts from small businesses, and it has already made my shopping experience better. Not only have I found cheap, customizable, adorable, gifts for all my family members, I have also helped out a real person. Someone is on the other side of the computer, happy because they have the opportunity to make money and do something they are proud of. It feels amazing to know that I am doing good for my community, and I recommend that others do the same. Shop small!