Dress for Success

by Devon Goldstein ‘21

Online school can be a constant struggle; however, I have found a way to maintain some normality in these strange times. If everything was normal and Covid-19 never existed, I would be waking up every morning and getting dressed and ready for the school day ahead. In this time with Covid-19, I have certain actions I take each morning in order to maintain a routine. 

Every morning I wake up, get dressed, do my hair, and finally do my makeup. These actions I would normally do when going into in-person school, but now with online school I continue to take these actions each day. By doing this, I am keeping myself on a normal schedule. Having this sense of normalcy and a set routine helps everything feel more standard and as they were before the Covid-19 pandemic changed how everyday life works. 

Having online classes instead of seeing friends and teachers in person can be depressing and make students, including myself, less motivated and unwilling to do school work each day. However, creating a new daily schedule and routine for myself before school helps me keep my motivation and positive energy each day. 

Getting dressed and fully ready for school each morning causes me to feel more motivated for the school day. When there was in person school, on days I had a big test or assignment I would dress up and look nice for the day. Dressing nicer and putting thought into my appearance for the day makes me feel professional and ready for any task teachers throw at me throughout the school day. Maintaining a daily routine helps keep me motivated and alert for the bigger assignments I have throughout the day. From continuing this trend of dressing up for the school day, even with online classes, I am more motivated for the school day. 

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started taking over the world, nothing in society has been the same. There have been constant changes in everyday life activities, including wearing masks out of the house, not being able to see a large group of people at once, and more. With these changes occurring in people’s everyday lives, having a sense of normalcy and structure keeps me motivated and ready for each new day to come. Doing so allows me to look forward to each new day with the same hope and positivity as I did before the Covid-19 pandemic.