MCPS Plans for In-Person Sports in the Spring

by Bryan Kim ’23

Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) has approved a plan for MCPS to play all three sports seasons during the second semester. Each season is planned to be six weeks long. The winter sports season will be from February 1 to March 27, followed by the fall season from March 15 to May 8, and the spring season from April 26 to June 19.

Even though the in-person season is far away, students can still join their sports teams for an all-virtual first semester season. Sherwood is offering fall, winter, and spring virtual seasons before the end of the first semester. This is an opportunity for students to socialize and connect with their teammates. All students can attend virtual team meetings as there are no academic requirements or tryouts. While the virtual fall season has already ended, the virtual winter season will be held from October 26 to November 20. The virtual spring season will be held from November 30 to December 18. 

On September 24, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and State Superintendent of Schools Karen B. Salmon announced that counties are permitted to start the fall sports season on October 27. Some Maryland counties have plans to bring students back onto school campuses for sports; however, MCPS has released a statement regarding the plan to start in-person sports in 2021. 

Although MCPS will not hold the high school sports season this fall, there may be a chance of starting in-person athletic practices this semester before in-school instruction begins. Sherwood’s Athletic Director Jason Woodward believes bringing students back for in-person practices would be beneficial for student athletes. “It will give students a chance to exercise in a controlled environment led by coaches with the guidelines and protocols put in place from MCPS,” said Woodward. Schools would need at least two to three weeks to prepare for in-person sports practices, according to Woodward. It also would give enough time for students to get a physical if needed.