Actors Fund Spreading Joy

by Devon Goldstein ’21

During these rough times in the world, people are coming together to bring happiness and comfort to others. The Actors Fund has been making a big impact on many lives by continuing to share the joy and awareness. The Actors Fund is a national organization that serves professionals in film, theater, television, music, opera, and dance. 

Recently, The Actors Fund has started to do a Covid-19 emergency relief in order to support everyone in the entertainment industry. They have been posting videos on their Youtube Channel called “Stars in the House.” These are videos where Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley are joined by different celebrities from old shows on television, Broadway, and more for a cast reunion. 

Many teens that are stuck inside during quarantine would enjoy watching these reunions. They help bring back fun memories from the television shows of their childhood. Rudetsky and Wesley have done reunions with the cast of the shows “Jessie,” “Glee,” “Victorious,” and many more. The cast members reminisce about their experiences from being on the shows, and discuss their lives from after the show. 

Some of the Broadway cast reunions were with actors from the shows that had been cancelled due to Covid-19. Rudetsky and Wesley managed to talk with the cast members about their thoughts on everything going on and the impact it has on their jobs and Broadway community. 

The Actors Fund has brought a lot of joy and smiles to people’s faces with the efforts they are making for the community. These videos allow people at home to remember the best parts of their childhood and reminisce on those moments in their lives.