Sherwood Rated Four Stars in MSDE’s 2018-2019 Public School Report Card

by Joseph Oscilowski ‘22

Each year, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) produces “report cards” for public schools in Maryland, which are used to reflect each school’s success in a variety of categories. Each high school’s grade is dependent on the school’s overall academic achievement, graduation rate, progress in achieving English language proficiency, readiness for post-graduation, and overall school quality and student success.

“The major takeaway for students and parents is that the Maryland Report Card process is just one of many data points that stakeholders should use when discussing the quality of a school,” explained Principal Eric Minus. “The Report Card should be used to inform schools on areas of strength and opportunities to upgrade the school program as it relates to the various areas of measurement.”

MSDE provides each public high school in Maryland with a star rating out of five. In order to receive five stars, schools must earn a score of at least 75 percent of the total possible points. Sherwood received a 4 star rating, earning 67 percent of 100 (as you can see in the graphic above.)

MSDE reported that Sherwood had high graduation rates (earning 13.7 points of 15 points), that students had a high readiness for post-graduation (earning 7.6 out of 10 points), and that students performed fairly well on state tests (earning 20.5 out of 30 points). Sherwood was rated lower in progress towards english language proficiency (earning 5.3 out of 10 points) and school quality and student success (earning 20.5 out of 35 points). Overall, the school earned 47 points of 67 possible points.

“The score demonstrates Sherwood’s progress to becoming a premier school and so I am pleased. It also recognizes the work that is still necessary to ensure that our school is a great place for all students to receive an outstanding education, and so I am not satisfied,” said Minus.

Compared to the report card that MSDE made for the average of all public high schools in Maryland, as well as that for high schools in Montgomery County, Sherwood beat the average in every category.