Got Birdie?

by Brenna Henderson ’21

With a passion for badminton and meeting new people, junior Michelle Liu decided to create the Badminton Club. “Although badminton is not an extremely popular sport in Sherwood, this club gives students the opportunity to connect [and] play together,” commented Liu. 

Creating a club is easier and simpler than one might think. “I communicated with my [physical education] teacher to ask him to be my sponsor, and we worked out the practice days and schedule,” said Liu. Anyone can create a club as long as it is approved by the school and they have a staff member who can supervise. Creating a club can bring students from all grade levels together, which is exactly what Liu’s goal was. 

“[Badminton] allows me to hang out with people I would have never met without this club,” said Liu. It truly is a place where students can meet new people. Students from many different grades come to the practices that are held on Thursdays at lunch in the auxiliary gym. The games are very casual and often the players are talking and joking around during practice. No prior experience playing badminton needed, only a good attitude.

During practices, the team usually plays short games against each other. At the end of the year, the Sherwood club will participate in a round-robin tournament against other schools. The club is optimistic about the future games and keeps a positive attitude during practices. Any student can join at any time, so stop by at lunch to play a friendly game or chat with some new people.