‘Frozen 2’ is a Pretty Cool Movie

by Anna Squiers ’20

Walt Disney Studios released its long-awaited sequel to “Frozen” (2013) on November 22. “Frozen” is centered around the relationship between Anna and Elsa, two royal sisters from Arendelle. At the beginning of the film, Elsa is locked away in her room because she cannot control her ice powers and unintentionally injured Anna. Years later, Elsa runs away to create a magical ice palace after accidentally revealing her powers to the public and freezing the kingdom, and Anna chases after her in fear of a permanently frozen Arendelle. Anna then teams up with a magical snowman named Olaf, an ice carter named Kristoff, and his reindeer sidekick Sven. Throughout the first film, Elsa masters her ice powers and learns the meaning of true love. Because of its smashing success, “Frozen 2” had a lot to live up to.

“Frozen 2” follows the main characters from the original movie: Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven, and their journey through an enchanted forest. This sequel provides more backstory to Anna and Elsa’s family before the original movie is set as we learn about not only their parents’ origins, but the origins of the town of Arendelle. While “Frozen 2” has an interesting and captivating plot, there is a slight disconnect from the original movie. While many of the same characters make appearances, this movie takes a turn away from focusing on a sisterly bond and into focusing on their adventure as a group. Aside from this disconnect, the sequel’s narrative allows the audience to stay on the edge of their seats for the duration of the film. This movie explores darker themes such as hopelessness, loneliness, and making difficult decisions to do what is right, which entertains not only the younger audience, but adults and teenagers as well. 

Another big thing that people waited in anticipation for was the music. While the soundtrack from “Frozen 2” does not entirely live up to iconic songs such as “Let it Go” from its predecessor, the music is equally as powerful and emotional. Elsa has another empowering solo, and many side characters from “Frozen” have their time in the spotlight too. The movie opens with the same tune as the original, and nods to the first soundtrack can be found all throughout the sequel. This helps to bridge the disconnect between the two movies and allows the audience to feel transported back to the world they saw in the first film. There will definitely be many people listening to these songs for a while after they see the movie. 

Overall, this movie was a great watch. The characters, while not having relatable experiences, feel relatable emotions. Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee created a magical world inside of the screen and held the entire theater captive for the whole 1 hour and 43 minute movie. This movie is a must-see for those die-hard Disney fans out there, and a should-see for those who just want to be entertained. 


Grade: A