Senior Ally Walsh Gains Experience Through Her Internship

by Christianna Tran ’20

Sherwood students are expected to come into the school and follow their schedules from 7:45a.m. until 2:30p.m.. However, this is not the case for many seniors who decided at the end of their junior year to take advantage of one of the wide variety of internship opportunities the school offers. Those with an internship get an abbreviated schedule in which they take fewer classes than the standard seven, thus allowing them to leave school early and go to their workplace. One of the school’s many opportunities for internships is offered to those who complete the child development program taught by Beth Bonita. 

Senior Ally Walsh decided that this year, she wanted to experience the many benefits that interning could bring her. After taking Child Development I and II her freshman and sophomore year, Walsh worked with Bonita and her counselor at the end of her junior year to set up an internship at Sherwood Elementary School. She officially started her interning responsibilities on the second day of school. Walsh currently has a four-period schedule and leaves everyday during lunch to intern from 12:00- 2:30 pm. Her main job is to “help out with the four kindergarten classes and [to] complete tasks any teacher needs [her] to do. [She] finishes the day by going to lunch and recess with the kids.”

 Although the internship is unpaid, Walsh can get SSL hours if she stays after 2:30p.m. to help out. In addition, Walsh gets an unbeatable experience working with young students.

 “I enjoy spending time with the kids and listening to the stories they tell me. I have created bonds with almost every single child and I know that they look forward to seeing me everyday,” Walsh said. “I already knew that I wanted to pursue a job in the educational field, but this experience so far has just made me want to become a teacher even more.”