A Trip to Reconnect with Jewish Roots

by Devon Goldstein ’21

Junior Alyssa Leventhal will be going on a trip this summer that will reconnect her with her Jewish heritage. She is attending the Ramah Seminar for a 10-day trip to Poland followed by six weeks in Israel.

Alyssa has never been to Israel before and is hoping that this experience allows her to learn more about her jewish heritage. While in Poland, she hopes she has an educational experience at the concentration camps they visit. Going from Poland right to Israel will have a positive impact on the experience as a whole. It will be going from a place where the jews suffered for years to the homeland for the jewish people that is an amazing place to visit.  

While in Israel the group will visit many different historic sights that have a strong meaning to the jewish people. Throughout the six weeks they are there they will also be doing a lot of different activities that are popular in Israel. They will be hiking in various places while they travel all around the area. An activity that is very popular and the teens will partake in is going for a swim, or a float, in the Dead Sea. The group also will go snorkeling in the ocean nearby for a fun, popular activity to enjoy. They will be discovering more about the politics and activism throughout various places in Israel. For 3 days in Israel they will be doing a survival program to learn how to survive in the desert with limited resources.

This experience is very unique for the teens that are going on it over the summer. Leventhal, along with the teens at her camp, attend Camp Ramah in New England each summer to get the camp experience they all love. The summer going into senior year the teens in that age group go on this trip to Israel and Poland instead of the normal camp from past years. It is with all of the different Camp Ramahs from all around the world. “I am most excited to meet many new people along the way as well as getting an unforgettable trip I will never forget,” Leventhal said.