Backyard Bash To Raise Money for 2018 Graduate

by Adina Brenner ’20

Last spring, Kathleen Rosendall graduated alongside her Sherwood Class of 2018, excited for what the world had to offer her. The following fall she would start her college career at University of Maryland (UMD) to study Public Health Science.

Unfortunately, life took a very different turn on February 23 of this year. Rosendall was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a type of cancer that would require a hospital stay of about six months. In addition to constant treatments and procedures, Rosendall had to withdraw from UMD for the rest of the semester.

On Saturday, June 1, from 7 to 10 p.m., at 5023 Tackbrooke Dr., Olney, MD, Rosendall’s closest friends will be hosting a fundraiser to collect money to pay her family’s hospital expenses. The night, titled Backyard Bash, will consist of refreshments and Rosendall’s favorite pastime, music. There will be local bands and performers celebrating Rosendall and her road to recovery.

“We decided the show would be a great way to raise money and show support for her,” said friend and fundraiser organizer, Lucas King (’18). The fun-filled night will be just a five dollar entrance fee with further donations welcomed.