School Administration Addresses Student Vaping

by Devon Goldstein ’21

At the grade-level town hall meetings last month, Principal Eric Minus identified vaping and drug use on school campus as a significant problem. In the meetings, Minus highlighted the known and unknown health risks associated with vaping, and in a email comments to The Warrior, Minus pointed out the Code of Conduct states that being under the influence of drugs or being in possession of drugs, including vapes, on school property is prohibited.

At the town hall meetings Minus told students that he receives calls each week from concerned parents that have heard about vaping and drug use at the school. Minus believes that such behaviors contribute to a distorted perception of the school that has led to some calling it “Sherweed.” He plans to continue to communicate with students and parents about the consequences of drugs and vaping on school property.
One of the actions Minus already has taken is to increase the presence and visibility of the security guards near the bathrooms to monitor such areas to make sure students are not participating in prohibited behaviors.