Why Soup is the Best Food

by Adam Levine ’20

It’s winter. You’re stuck inside while the snow builds up on the frozen ground right outside your door. The frigid air slowly creeps into your abode. There is one thing, and one thing only that can combat the cold temperatures: soup.

One of the greatest things about soup is that there are so many different types of consistencies and broths that can satisfy all diets. Vegetarian? Enjoy a bowl of vegetable soup. Keeping kosher for Passover? Try some matzo ball soup. My personal favorite is Campbell’s Homestyle Chicken Noodle; the seasoned broth and firm noodles make for a delectable lunch on a cold afternoon.

Soup is also a huge part of culture. A staple of New England culture, clam chowder exemplifies the regions focus on shellfish fishing in a creamy, hearty soup. Many reminisce on childhood memories of dipping grilled cheese into a warm tomato soup. And matzo ball soup dominates the homes of Jewish families come Passover. Soup is a food that dominates culture because of its versatility and its delicious flavor.

Virtually every culture has soup in their cuisine. Miso and wonton soup come from Asian cultures, chili comes from American culture, borscht comes from Eastern Europe, and there are so many others.

Even fast food restaurants have come to adopt soup into their menu. For example, Subway features two types of soup on their menu: broccoli and cheddar and chicken noodle. Panera bread is also known for their delectably hearty and satiating soup dishes.

According to the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, El Niño, a climate cycle in the Pacific Ocean that affects weather patterns globally, conditions are currently affecting and are expected to affect our weather patterns until spring 2019. This means our winter will be extra cold and snowy, and soup is the best way to cope with the freezing climate.

Soup is one of the most versatile foods and has a major place in today’s culture and throughout history. As the weather gets colder, stay warm with a steamy bowl of soup and some blankets, and enjoy the flavors that will keep you warm this winter.