Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival – An Community Staple

by Jenna Bloom ’21

Rock ‘n’ Roll is a three hour musical experience in early March that includes staff, singers, dancers, tech crew, band, and is a staple for the entire Sherwood and Olney community. Students perform songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and also some current songs. Dancers work for eight weeks, practicing and learning choreography. The tech crew has to check all the microphones, work spotlights, organize costumes for over 200 students, paint the set, and more. Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival is an incredibly unique show that often gets taken for granted by many.

While some students look forward to these two weekends for the entire year to watch their peers perform, some don’t notice, or simply don’t care. Critics will say it’s repetitive, boring, and overrated. The new themes for each show create new and fun excitement around it. This years theme, “Free Ride,” is creative and centered around transportation and travelling. It is no doubt that the hard work poured into the show pays off. The diversity in students and songs makes the entire performance an unforgettable experience.