Sherwood Administration Removes Bathroom Entrance Doors at Start of School Year

by Sydney Henry ’20

Upon arrival at Sherwood for the start of the 2018-2018 school year, some students began to notice the absence of doors at the entranceway to bathrooms in certain halls. Prior to this school year, only one or two bathrooms didn’t have doors, but now only B-Hall is left with doors at the entrance of its bathrooms.

“I feel like for some bathrooms it makes me a little uncomfortable cause, not all the bathrooms have much distance from the entranceway and the stalls, so it’s a little too close for comfort,” said junior Juliana Corn

Aside from opinions expressed by students when asked about the subject, there has been no evident widespread reaction to the removal of the bathroom doors, possibly because some students may not even have noticed. Certainly. students have not been informed the reason for the removal of the doors.

“Over the summer the administration walked the building. One of the areas of concern was the bathrooms,” said Business Administrator Linda Berkheimer. “If the bathrooms have an entrance hallway, the doors were removed. Hopefully, this will help deter students from skipping, writing graffiti on the walls, or any other unnecessary behavior.”

According to Berkheimer,*

– the decision to removes the bathroom doors was not one mandated or suggested by MCPS, but a decision made by the Sherwood administration in hopes of reducing unwanted activities from taking place inside the school bathrooms.


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