The Ripple Effect: #1 Alabama vs #3 LSU

by Aaron Jaffe ’21

 It’s that time of year once again. Halloween is over, the World series has come to an end, the NBA and NHL seasons are too early for anyone to care about the, and the NFL is in the middle of its season when games don’t have too much importance. The focus of fans should now be on college football. The tease of who’s in and who’s out of the College Football Playoffs (CFP) is over as the first ranking were released Tuesday.

 To no one surprise, #1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide remained at the top of the league and took the number one spot in the playoffs. The second spot also went in order of the rankings as #2 Clemson Tigers is the second team to make the final four. The third and fourth spots were given to the number 3 and 4 teams in the rankings but not in that order. The #4 ranked team, the LSU Tigers, took their place in the playoffs as the 3rd team, while #3 ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish fell one spot.

 Coming into the season, LSU was barely even on the college football radar as they began their 2018-19 season as the #25 seed.  After upsetting then #8 Miami Hurricanes in a convincing fashion, they won six of their next seven games with wins including #7 Auburn Tigers, #22 Mississippi State Bulldogs, and #2 Georgia Bulldogs, with their only loss coming against the then #22 Florida Gators.

 It was really the opposite storyline for the Crimson Tide. Coming off an amazing comeback win in last year’s national championship, the Tide kept rolling, going undefeated in their eight games this year while led by quarterback and Heisman candidate Tua Tagovailoa.

 If Alabama wins…

 Nick Saban’s team would be 9-0 and would have won by far the hardest game they will play all season. Going on the road is hard in any game at the collegiate level but especially hard when that team is one of your biggest rivals and the #3 team in the country. The biggest flaw in Alabama’s resume is their strength of schedule. Alabama thus far has played only one ranked team, and it was at home vs the #22 Texas A&M Aggies. If Alabama can win their dog fight against LSU, their chances of repeating as national champions become almost certain.

 If LSU wins…

 The Tigers will move to 8-1 and most likely jump to the number one spot in the playoffs. With one ranked opponent left in #22 (as of right now) Texas A&M and assuming LSU takes care of business, LSU will have beaten the most ranked teams of any team in the country and knocked off what may be best team in college right now.


33-31 LSU

New Playoff Standings:

#1 LSU

#2 Clemson

#3 Notre Dame

#4 Michigan

First Team Out:

#5 Alabama

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