Practice Makes Perfect for Poms

by Bristol Tran ‘20

Sherwood is known for its phenomenal sports performance. Among the hard-working students who are on a sports team are the Sherwood  poms. The poms participate in competitions that run through February.

Members of the poms team are quick to point out that poms is an actual sport. “We are all athletes, and poms takes a lot of hard work and energy,” sophomore Katie Feeney said. “We practice every day, as well as compete.”

Senior poms captain Lanie Nachlas points out that poms, like other sports, practices and prepares for competitions. “We train just like any other team would. We not only perform at sports events, but we also compete in our own competitions which stretch late into the fall season,” said Nachlas.

Even with these competitions to prepare for, it is important for poms to also put focus into smaller events like half-time performances. “It’s a lot to juggle because towards the end of football season we’re working on football routines and competition routines, so [we] have to just make sure [we’re] staying on top of things and focusing because there’s a lot of stuff we have to remember for the team,” said junior pom Paige Stahley.

Apart from the importance of focus on the routines, poms members must keep in mind that school requires the same kind of commitment and hard work as well. “I feel like poms actually helps to balance school work because right when I get home from practice I start my homework and this really helps with time management,” Feeney explained.

Stahley reveals that in order to stay on top of her classes, she goes in for lunch often to do her homework. “It’s definitely hard, but as long as you’re managing your time well, you can get things done,” she said.

Each dance for any event must be unique, which means that a lot of time must be put into each performance. “The seniors have most of the responsibility for coming up with the routines,” said Stahley. “Me being a junior and the rest of the juniors have to create a routine for football, so we all kind of come together and we share all of our ideas to make up a routine that everyone will like.”

Nachlas added that the routines are usually choreographed during the weekends so that the rest of the team has something to work off of during practice. Once the final product has been achieved, not only does the team feel boastful, but the crowd is left astonished.

“In freshman year, I was very shy. Being on the poms has definitely gotten me out of my shell,” said Nachlas.

“It definitely prepares you for the future,” Feeney stated. “It is a great way to develop leadership and character. It helps with time management and being organized.”