Overwhelming Homework

by Aaron Jaffe 21’

 For the majority of students in high school, a normal school day consists of seven classes with a lunch period to break up the day. In each class it is expected you give 100 percent, by paying attention, participating in class, being active in group discussions and of course completing each night’s homework. Each student has to do this for seven classes and what schools and teachers don’t realize is, this doesn’t prepare and set up students to succeed; it sets them up for failure.

 The stress of all this work for students is not acceptable. Teachers need to better communicate with each other so a student doesn’t end up with 2-3 hours of homework a night. The homework given is mainly practice to reinforce what students already spent 47 minutes learning earlier in the day. In the cases of most students, they have other things to do outside of school so with the amount of work students are already putting in during the day should be rewarded with being to relax and focus on outside activities, not more school. Homework is overwhelming and should be reduced to help students in and out of school.