Locals Lead the Way On The Environment

by Danielle Katz ‘18

Montgomery County declared a “climate emergency” on December 5, followed by a proposed resolution aimed at creating a dramatic cut in greenhouse gas emissions. The resolution has been approved by an all-Democratic council, and the sponsors hope to see great change from the bill. Arguably, the bill is incredibly ambitious, striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2027, but it is highly encouraging to see local governments strive to care for the future of the planet, while the White House works to destroy any possibility of a healthy environmental future.

As Trump repeals laws aimed to curb the national carbon footprint, local governments across the nation have taken it into their own hands to secure their citizens’ rights to environmental health. From coast to coast, these efforts will serve as the sole protection to the planet, as the global community’s efforts to combat climate change mean nothing without American participation. When the current national environmental “leaders” fail to nationalize environmental protection, counties across the country should follow the Montgomery County Council’s steps and take action against one of the deadliest threats this planet has seen.