Friends Aren’t Homework Machines

by Emma Shuster’18

Many students take seven classes in high school and enroll in honors and advanced placement courses. Both honors and advanced placement courses require students to put in lots of hard work and dedication to do well in these courses. A student’s grades are dependent upon the effort put in.

I am a student who puts countless hours into my schoolwork because I want to earn good grades. I want my endeavoring to pay off so I can get into a good college. In consistently three of my five core academic classes, I am constantly bombarded with text messages and snapchats asking for the night’s homework or a quizlet on the topic. If I choose not to send it, I am blamed for them doing poorly. I do not enjoy putting several hours into my work just to send it off to a classmate who was merely “too lazy” to complete it. School is supposed to challenge a person yet highlight his or her hard work and determination at the end. Students’grades would improve if they did their work instead of copying. I am a friend. I help. I don’t give.