Students Visit Colleges over Break

by Kyle Melnick ’14

Attention Sherwood Upperclassmen: If you are not climbing the world’s Seven Summits this spring break, it is the perfect time to visit college campuses. Visiting colleges over spring break allows high school students to experience what living at a university is really like.

Junior Vinnie Jackson plans on traveling south this spring break to visit the University of South Carolina and Clemson University. “I am really excited to check out the school campus as well as the restaurants and stores off campus for both universities,” said Jackson. “I have always liked these schools so it is easy for me to visit them.”

Many factors contribute to a student’s satisfaction with a college. Every school’s dorms, activity facilities, library, dining halls, academic buildings and climate are different. The best way to decide on a school is to compare multiple colleges in all these aspects by visiting them.

During spring break, visitors will get a great feel for the campus’ atmosphere, student bodies and size, since students will be present. High school students can see first-hand classes, activities and social events; all of which could be missed out on during a summer visit when the students are absent.

Another good reason to visit during the spring is to become familiar with the school’s climate.  The weather will not be too cold or hot during this season. Many visitors will be astonished when they feel the below freezing temperatures in the North, the immense humidity of the South or the constant rain and fog in the Northwest. Visitors will receive a “reality check” on the area’s climate, which can play a vast role on the enjoyment of the school.

“The climate plays a huge role. I’m not a big fan of the cold but I don’t want to live somewhere too hot either,” said junior Asha Antoine. Antoine plans on visiting the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Vanderbilt University this spring.

One of the most important factors in a university is the school library, since students might spend hours there each day studying. Visiting over spring break allows high school students to get a first-hand view of the study habits and social life of a  college student. Talking to these students is a great opportunity to get questions answered and learn about the academic and social activities that can be enjoyed at the college.

“The school library is a huge factor toward my college decision. My ideal school library would be a good size, lots of books and other resources, easy to use computers and televisions and librarians who know what they are doing and can help me,” said Jackson.

Senior Stevie Boscolo, who visited eleven different colleges, felt most comfortable at the College of William and Mary. The campus, library and climate all played big roles in his enjoyment of the school.

“I would definitely recommend college visits; it lets you see what the college is really like. You could love or hate a school depending entirely on your visit,” said Boscolo. “It definitely inspired me to work harder through senior year, because it reminded me that I wanted to get in.”

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