“Half days” Dragged Out Through the Day

Most people enjoy having a day off from school occasionally, but when a half day is brought into perspective there are mixed emotions. I think half days are a waste of time. Throughout the morning, teachers frantically try to cram their lesson in half of the time they are used to, which they do in vein considering half the class isn’t there. They end up having to re-teach the material despite their efforts to utilize the 30 minutes. By¬†fourth period there is a slight relief that it is almost lunch time. Oh wait, it’s a half day. The rest of the school day is dragged on ironically because the day is shortened. What was accomplished? The teachers were stressed, the attendance plummeted, and personal schedules were mixed up. All for two hours and 20 minutes off. Great day.

-Michaela O’Donnell ’13

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