What Flashmob?

By Darby Whitehair ’12

So what did you do on Tuesday, December 21, between sixth and seventh period? Well you might be thinking I walked to class of course, maybe I stopped to talk to a few friends, nothing out of the ordinary. Some of you may have no clue why this day would be different than any other day. The 300 people who said they were attending a special event failed to go through with their actions or at least make it obvious, so that could explain why no one noticed anything special. Did you see a few students in the halls stop for a split second and glance around nervously; well they were not supposed to keep moving after those glances. An attempt was made over Facebook to have the student body involved in a flash mob between sixth and seventh period, yet despite the 265 students that said they would, the actuality of this was not fulfilled. I do want to commend those who actually did this, I am sorry that it did not have the desired effect (personally I thought it was a great idea). This failure was not because of a student’s lack of interest because according to the invite tons were excited for this event. The students who attempted to go through with this event failed unless they were in a group of people because otherwise no one paid attention to them. I saw one group on my way to class, about three or four students all standing in the middle of the hall frozen in a position, but didn’t notice any one alone. The attempt was made, but there should be another trial and it could be successful with more involvement. Students of Sherwood have the confidence to start something, but sometimes need to spread the word to give others that push to follow through.

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