Speed Cameras Amount to No Good

by Rebecca Stussman ‘12

Yesterday, driving innocently home from a grueling day of school, I was almost rear-ended. Was I texting while driving? Was I speeding? Was I reading a book or even listening to the radio? No. I was slowing down to avoid getting my picture snapped by one of those delightful, picturesque speed cameras, which are now in 115 locations across Montgomery County. Each day, these digital spies loom over our roads, lurking behind deceptive down-hills or inappropriately limited schools zones, waiting to lurch upon its victims a heavy fine. And perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of the whole ordeal is the pure arbitrariness of the cameras, for after slowing down instantaneously to avoid a ticket, most drivers will afterwards accelerate to their previous speed. So what’s the point? Are our roads really safer with a lens hiding behind the leaves of trees? If anything they are more dangerous, as people rapidly change speed upon noticing the cameras, leading to countless potential accidents. Speed cameras are a desperate scheme enacted by the county to increase revenues,and they do not promote or increase street safety.