Our Journeys With Jeff

by Sam Farrell ‘12 and Devin Cornelius ‘12

Jeff checks his monitors, carefully searching for wrongdoers.

Jeff checks his monitors, carefully searching for wrongdoers.

Now, we know everyone knows what the Sherwood fuzz does. They clamp down on all the shenanigans that run rampant throughout the school and make sure everything is safe and sound. But what do the security guards do when there are no major drug pinches or gun battles? Two of our intrepid journalists here at The Warrior decided to spend a day with security guard Jeff to get an understanding.





There is a deep investigation under way. Jeff goes to retrieve the fearful students from their classes and takes them to the security office. Afterwards he runs around, doing extra nice favors for his co-workers; such as setting up retakeable tests for students. To sum it up, it is an uneventful morning.



10:58 – 11:34



Jeff takes us on the tour of the school perimeter on his magnificent pickup truck/golf cart. We ride around, picking up various pieces of litter and contraband, meanwhile driving through a game of Frisbee. He stops and inspects two students suspected of illegal activities. Then, a frantic call from security comes in. A gaggle of troublemakers are making a break for the 7-11 for some petty snacks. Jeff snaps at us to bail, punches the cart into over-drive and motored up the street in hot pursuit. We look on in awe and amazement.






We tail Jeff during 5th period and have a Q & A sesh, then watch him eat his lunch. Afterwards we listen to Jeff chat with the other valiant members of our security squad. He talks to team security leader Mr. Rooney about the devious camera system that is hidden around school. To wrap up an intense, crime-filled extravaganza, we sit in the detention office while Jeff fills out referrals and prepares for his “frequent fliers” in after-school detention.



Sadly, the day came to a close, the job was done, and our day in the life of a peacekeeper came to an end. We got a taste of the bold and hazardous life that is Sherwood security. It’s like a drug, once you’ve experienced it, you want more. But there is no cure to the security hangover.