Speed Cameras Amount to No Good

by Rebecca Stussman ‘12 Yesterday, driving innocently home from a grueling day of school, I was almost rear-ended. Was I texting while driving? Was I speeding? Was I reading a book or even listening to the radio? No. I was slowing down to avoid getting my picture snapped by one of those delightful, picturesque speed cameras, which are now in … Read More

Even Congress Can’t Take Itself Seriously

by Hannah Stokes ‘11 It was an embarrassing day for both Congress and Stephen Colbert on September 30, when the television host showed up on Capitol Hill to give “expert testimony” on immigration. When the moment finally arrived for Colbert to address Congress, he couldn’t resist making jokes, which made light of an issue that deserves complete seriousness and detracted … Read More

College Guidance Helpful, But Could Have Come Earlier

  In the cases of many students, attending a college or university serves as the logical successor to completing high school. As such, college permeates senior year from its inception. Notifications of visiting college representatives fill the morning announcements, posters advertising different schools fill the halls, and collegiate sweatshirts, acquired at college visits, fill students’ wardrobes. For students with aspirations … Read More