Exam Day Danger

High school is supposed to prepare students for college but the current exam system allows students to coast through exams instead of forcing them to actually understand and learn the concepts of the class.

A Second Home

Every day I get up and go to school. I see my friends; I go to my classes. As I carry on throughout the week my routine remains pretty much the same, except for one day, every Wednesday, when I take the time, if only an hour or two, to appreciate everything I have in my life. I still carry on with my daily activities but all day long I have a secret yearning, an excitement because I know after school I get to visit the place I feel most at peace, my second home, Brooke Grove Retirement Village.

“Half days” Dragged Out Through the Day

Most people enjoy having a day off from school occasionally, but when a half day is brought into perspective there are mixed emotions. I think half days are a waste of time.

What Flashmob?

The 300 people who said they were attending a special event failed to go through with their actions or at least make it obvious, so that could explain why no one noticed anything special.

PRO: Students Must Dress for Success

by Diana McDermott ‘13   The way one dresses contributes to the way one is perceived as an individual. It is nonsense to say looks don’t matter, because they do. The way you dress is a form of non-verbal communication and whether they are right or wrong, people will make inferences based on your clothes about who you are as … Read More

CON: Inconsistency In Dress Code and In Cooperation

by Michaela O’Donnell ‘13   I was casually walking by the main office when a staff member stopped me going into first period. She said that my shirt’s straps were inappropriate because they were too thin, and led me to the main office where I waited until a security officer came and gave me a XXL tee-shirt. When I asked, … Read More

PRO: Protect the Pledge for a Unified Nation

by Hannah Stokes ‘11   In recent years, the Pledge of Allegiance has unfortunately been turned into a political sore spot by a small minority of people who personally take offense to the tradition and its meaning. As a result, this once honored and respected tradition has now become some sort of albatross to America’s youth. A tradition that should … Read More

CON: The Pledge Brainwashes Children, Violates Constitution

by Arjun Singh ‘12   The Pledge of Allegiance was originally written by Francis Bellamy in 1892 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in America. It was then used later in 1892, by James Upham, a marketer for a magazine, to promote sales of flags and magazines to students and schools while promoting the idea of American … Read More