College Decisions, Come Sooner

by Tori Newby ‘22

High school seniors pour out their heart and souls into countless essays in the hopes that some college admissions reader finds them worthy of acceptance. However, all this work is piled up within the first few months of the semester, only for students to have to wait months until the spring for a decision. Many regular decision acceptances come in at the end of March, and sometimes, early April. All college decisions must be made by May 1, meaning seniors have about a month to decide where they want to attend college for the next four years.

One month to make a well-rounded decision is simply not enough time. Visiting schools is vital in the decision-making process for students to be able to picture themselves at a certain campus. However, for many students who applied to schools far from home, a visit in such short notice may not be enough time to make travel arrangements. A month is also short notice to figure out financing and available scholarships. January regular-decision application deadlines should instead be in October or November when many early action and early decision applications are due. Admission decisions could then come out in January or February, allowing students to take ample time to consider what college would suit them best.