No-Fans Policy Too Restrictive

by Madison Tringone ‘22

As a student-athlete, I want to keep athletics open and also want to keep everyone involved safe. MCPS recently released a statement declaring that spectators are not permitted at sporting events. With the rise of the omicron variant, limiting COVID-19 exposure is more important now than ever. However, the parents of student-athletes should be allowed to attend the sporting events, as they are already living with the students who are traveling to other schools exposing other athletes. While MCPS is committed to providing safe experiences for student-athletes, family members who are able to prove vaccination status and who wear face masks should be allowed to watch their athlete perform. These protocols would allow for minimal guests and the ability to social distance in the stands by family. 

Parents invest time and money into their children and deserve to reap the benefits and joy of their children’s performance. Additionally, for those senior athletes who have already missed last year’s season, this may be the final opportunity for their parents to watch them take the court, field, track, and pool. Winter athletes are those who have been most affected by the pandemic. MCPS is expected to determine whether spectator restrictions will remain in place by January 15. As a senior student-athlete, I urge the district to consider allowing for vaccinated, mask-wearing family members to attend sporting events.